The OSU Excavations at Isthmia Electronic Notebook collection

Notebooks at Isthmia record all fieldwork activities that take place at the site. The following fieldwork notebooks are available in electronic format. This collection of notebooks serves only as a representative sample of the fieldwork notebooks from Isthmia. As the scope of this project continues, additional notebooks will be formatted electronically and cross-referenced. This will provide an extremely useful tool for researchers, and greatly increase the speed and efficiency of their work.

There are notebooks available for:

  • Tower 14 vol. III (1969)
  • East Field CBRG 70 vol. I (1970)
  • East Field CBRG 70 vol. II (1970)
  • Roman Bath BAB 78 (1978)
  • Notebook 3 (1990)
  • Notebook 14 (1994 - 95)