2001 Preliminary Report

Between 1 May and 15 August 2001 the Ohio State University Excavations at Isthmia carried out a program of study and conservation, with a primary focus on the Roman Bath, but with significant concerns elsewhere in the site.

Joseph Rife (Cornell University) completed gathering materials for publication of his book-length study of the human burials from the Late Roman and Byzantine periods at Isthmia. Jane Reinhard (Carthage College) completed her study of the interior decoration of the Roman Bath, while Julie Apley (Ohio State University) finished her computerized 3-dimensional reconstruction of the Roman Bath. Fikret Yegül (University of California at Santa Barbara) and Timothy E. Gregory (Ohio State University) continued their study and writing toward the full publication of this important monument.

Other work in the Roman Bath consisted of conservation, most importantly the resumption of conservation on the great monochrome mosaic in Room VI, under the direction of Panayiotis Elias of Kyras Vrysi. He was able to complete about half of the work needed to close the surface of the mosaic and to protect it from further deterioration. Work was also carried out in terms of basic maintenance of the building, clearing weeds, and patching sections of wall that are in danger of collapse.

Timothy E. Gregory
15 October 2001