Web Sites of Interest...

Web Sites of Interest...

American School of Classical Studies in Athens - Connect to the actual school in Athens, Greece.

The Ancient Greek World - A decent survey of many aspects of the Greek world in antiquity. The "Daily Life" section is a particularly convenient resource for students.

Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) - Fieldwork Bulletin for potential fieldwork opportunities.

ArchNet - One of the most handy general compilations of Archaeological content on the web. A majority of the material here is still current.

The Corinth Computer Project - a computerized architectural and topographical survey of the Roman colony of Corinth.

The University of Chicago Excavations at Isthmia - The web site of the Chicago Excavations and their efforts and study of the Upper Sanctuary at Isthmia.

METIS: (A Quicktime VR Interface for Greek Archaeological Sites) - A very effective collection of QTVR clips (some are navigable) for various archaeological sites in Greece.

The Perseus Project - Web accessible materials from the Perseus project. Only a subset (although a considerable one) of the CD-ROM materials are available online.