The East Field

The enigmatic East Field lies 50m. east of the Temple of Poseidon, and south of the theater. The East Field contains a maze of walls of poor quality, clearly representing more than one period of construction. These walls seem to be from small buildings (houses or other small establishments) with facilities for water and the preparation of food. Archaeological examination confirms that there was considerable activity in the East Field in the third century, and it appears that the area was used for a long period of time.

Type 3 wall at Isthmia.

Type 3 wall

During the past few field seasons, the Ohio State University Excavations at Isthmia have applied considerable effort toward this area. The study of the East field has proven to be a very challenging endeavour. This work has involved the meticulous reevaluation of previous excavation records, as well as the acquisition of new data. This work is currently being compiled and additional information will be made available as analysis nears completion.

the East Field is an excellent example of how complex archaeological excavation and analysis can be. Conclusions regarding the purpose and history of the area will only come with further study of the artifacts and excavation records; and for this reason, the East Field will continue to play an important part of future field seasons at Isthmia.